ARITA Drops New Music Video for "Surrender" on VEVO - Watch It Now

Check out ARITA's sexy new music video for "Surrender" on VEVO. Watch Here ------------------------------------------------------------------ A seductive, sultry, suggestive sound that makes the heart Surrender -- The Sound of ARITA. The New York-based artist, whose Caribbean upbringing gives her a unique sound and style is obsessed with the topic of Love. “I’m fascinated by Love – the many moods of love,” she said. “The heartaches, the heartbreaks, the good side, the bad side, the forever and ever, the make-ups and the break-ups…I’m a bona-fide ‘love junkie,’ addict and dealer – all in one. Here, she explores the power of "Surrender" in Love. While often described as a “bit of Beyoncé mixed with Rihanna and a touch of Whitney Houston wrapped in island style", she is clearly her own woman -- She is ARITA!

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